Malar Crescents? (photo)

Hi, I am in my early 20s, and I was curious as to whether juviderm could help to get rid of malar crescents. Also, I used to be overweight looong ago, but i lost all of the excess weight when I was 13. I am not 100% sure, but I may have had them since. I have these dark spirals that go from one end of my nose to the end of my cheekbone- quite frankly, its embarrassing. If juviderm does not work, what other options are available? I've lived with this issue for too long.

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Juvederm is absolutely the wrong product for this location.

Juvederm is marketed as "smooth."  This is marketing speak for the fact that the product will drift a bit once it has been placed in the tissue.  This can cause unwanted fullness in the cheek just below where the product was placed for volume.  For this reason, Restylane and even Perlane are much better choices for this location.

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