Malar Bags or Something Else? (photo)

I have this depressions on my face that run down the sides and make me look tired and old. I'm only 19 so I'm wondering if these could actually be malar bags something else. And whatever they are, what are my options for improving/getting rid of them, preferably something non surgial if possible.

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Malar bags?

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Your pictures do not show malar bags but there does appear to be a linear area of depression below your eyes.  I would recommend trying a filler first to see if this helps.  

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Malar Bags?

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I agree that this is normal anatomical depression which is caused by the orbital malar ligament and is more pronounced in your face. Anything that causes swelling ( alcohol , salt intake ) can exacerbate this crease .Of course, genetics can play a role. Fillers such as restylane can be used. I would not recommend surgery.


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Malar Bags or Something Else? (photo)

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Hi konaworld and thanks for you question.

This line is called the mid cheek groove and reflects the shrinkage of the underlying bone. A filler placed in the deep place helps. Juvederm Voluma is what I would recommend.

Hope this helps

This is the midcheek groove.

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This is not a festoon.  It is best addressed with fillers.  Find a dermatologist, faical plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or oculoplastic surgeon in your community for help with this.  Restylane is the preferred product for treating this.  Treatment will last well over a year.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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