Best Malar Bags Treatment?

I had a lower Blepharoplasty about 15 months ago. It removed the under eye bags but did nothing for the mild malar bags and also left me with some fine undereye wrinkles.

I've been told that malar bags are very difficult to treat. I've had Restylane under the malar bags but the improvement is only slight. Will Thermage for Eyes, Refirme, Titan or anything else help?

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Options for malar bags treatment

 These are the options or malar bag treatment are: Do nothing, Direct excision, Steroid injections, IPL, Smart Lipo. So you see there are many options because nothing works on everyone all the time. Regards.

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Malar Bags Treatment


It would be best for you to see an oculoplastic surgeon. You are correct, this is difficult to fix and treat. Thermage may help the condition. Thank you, and best of luck to you.

Dr. Nassif

Paul S. Nassif, MD
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Malar Bag Treatment

As Dr. Rand noted, Malar bags are very difficult to treat (if severe) because they are separate anatomically from the lower eyelid. If the Malar bags are minimal, a lower eyelid subciliary Blepharoplasty with mid-facial elevation, combined with fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing can provide some benefit. However, if the problem is moderate to severe (usually in older patients), direct excision is the only answer.

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Malar bags

Malar bags are indeed hard to treat and about everything has been tried.  Generally direct excision is the best but the scar is most readily hidden in older patients.

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