Malar Augmentation, Are There Any Surgeons Who Do Zygomatic/malar Advancement?

Malar osteotomies are performed in Asia to reduce the width and projection of the zygomatic arch. I have a midface deficiency so I'd like to know if there are any maxilofacial surgeons who do them to accomplish the opposite effect thus making the cheekbones more prominent. HA and silastic implants don't bring good results and often have to be removed. Injections of autologous fat are a bad idea as a ball of loose fat without a bone structure supporting it will eventually become a sagging jowl.

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Osteotomies For Malar Expansion/Width Increase

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Malar osteotomies can be done for cheek augmentation but there effect is only going ot be in adding width not forward projection. For the rare patient who only wants a widening of the cheek bones, osteotomies can be effective. Unlike cheek reduction, only an anterior vertical osteotomy is needed and not that of the posterior arch.

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