Am I Making the Right Decision?

I have left a deposit to have a full upper and lower implant four on four, when I return to Florida from N.J. in September. After reading the reviews I am very nervous and scared about the outcome. There are so many negative reviews. I don't know if I should go ahead with it. I am confused.

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I just wanted to let you know that this question has been asked before, so I have included a link below that will take you the to discussion where other community members as well as a doctor has participated in.

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Be Very Weary of the Dental Implant "Super Centers"

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It is difficult to determine your individual assessment, but in my experience the center you speak of does not have the best interest of the patient at heart.  Every patient seems to get the same treatment plan no matter what.  I have personally seen several mismanaged cases and poor outcomes because of poor treatment planning and poor surgery.  Every patient is different. There are very capable doctors who work at these places, but they just get a paycheck based on production.  This is a corporation that is out to make money.  They use hard sell tactics.  All on Four may be a viable option for you, just seek out the advice of a private oral and maxillofacial surgeon, not the "super center".  Most likely you will be overcharged for substandard care and results.  This can be a davastaing problem which is diffiuclt to correct

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Do Your Research!

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“Experience is a truer guide than the words of others”

Leonardo Da Vinci

The All-on-4™ is not taught in formal Dental School, the technique is learned through advanced training and EXPERIENCE.  One can easily tell the difference between education and experience. In regards to education, you will attain knowledge preferably from fine print materials, such as the theory learned through textbooks and the like. Hence, it is what you generally learn at school, knowing that schools primarily employ the book-based system of learning. On the contrary, experience offers knowledge based on any other aspect, other than the sources just mentioned. It is a very broad concept that consists of both knowledge and skills.

One can gain experience by being involved in a certain endeavor, like doing on-the-job trainings, and also by being exposed to related events, like the way you learn to play an instrument, by actually playing it. Having been exposed to various set-ups, a person with great experience can be regarded as an expert of that field, or set-up. That’s why many scientists and philosophers alike hail experience as the father of all education. It derives knowledge from empirical data. It is something that you can get from using your senses. Hence, the knowledge obtained by experience is accepted as empirical knowledge.

Clear Choice ?

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Clear Choice is owned by a for-profit private equity firm.  The goal of these type of corporations is profits and bottom line.  Mitt Romney was largely criticized and lost because he ran a private equity firm Bain capital that shipped American Jobs overseas and cost American workers their jobs.  I always tell lay people go with their gut instinct.  If you have any doubts - do more consultations.  If I were to undergo what you are contemplating, I would consult with at least several different top-notch providers before choosing one.  There is a saying in the community "All-on-four - None-on-3". 

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