Making a Male Face More Mature?

Hello, Due to kidney disease when I was a child, I have short stature and a "baby face" meaning the bony parts of my face didn't take on the more mature appearance they were supposed to. I am having Ear pining and jaw surgery to correct a midface deficiency (lefort III) and wanted to know what other procedures you could recommend I ask my surgeon about? Jaw/chin implants to give a more "chiseled" jaw or facial lipo to thing out the fat covering it? Thanks for your help

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Surgery to look older

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Most people want to look younger, so you question is very interesting.  Without a picture it is impossible to give you specific advice.  However, your questions are in the right direction.  As one ages, they loose volume in their face.  So liposuction may be a good option.  However, you are about to undergo an extensive surgery LeFort III, so concentrate on healing from this and see what else needs to be done.  Good luck with your surgeries.

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