Major Concerns for Sclerotherapy in the Treatment of Large Blue Temple Veins?

Is there a concerns with treating blue temple veins with sclerotherapy because of back flow as the veins connect to Arteries through the Capillary System as I believe veins in this area do not have valves? ...Also could the sclerotherapy damage other veins when draining back to the Heart and possible cause a Clot, Stroke or DVT?

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Temporal vein injection sclerotherapy

Temporal veins can be injected with sclerosant solutions effectively and safely without concerns for stroke. If you are concerned about that risk, you can have microphlebectomy which is associated with temporary surgical bruising and is very effective. 

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Safe Treatment of Temporal Veins

Sclerotherapy for temporal can be done very safely but should be performed by someone with experience doing this.  The temporal veins due drain into the brain sinuses but using foam sclerotherapy and proper compression techniques, they can be treated safely and with excellent cosmetic results.  The veins do not connect to arteries and there is no risk of DVT and I have never heard of a stroke occurring following injection of temporal veins.

John Landi, MD
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