I have -5.75 in both eyes with a cornea that is 475. ICL, LASEK, or PRK?

I have been to two consultations with one doctor telling me that I should only have ICL, which is very expensive and another telling me to get PRK, which is so much cheaper. I am scared of PRK and the recovery time. The first doctor also tried to tell me the ICL is so much cheaper. What would be the best decision for me? None of the doctors have mentioned LASEK. I already know that I am not a canditate for LASIK.

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How old are you? Both procedures are effective, yet carry their own distinct set of risk factors. You have the option of waiting (no procedure).
Also, if you are over 40, you might want to wait a few more years and have the option of "clear lensectomy" with a premium lens implant to give you both distance and near vision.

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