How to Maintain my Weight 1Month PO Tummy Tuck?

1mo PO TT & BBL. I was cleared for light exercises on the treadmill/elliptical for 20mins. Some days I can't complete this bc I may experience pain from the regular activities from my work day. I feel this isn't enough to help me lose/maintain my weight. I would never do more than recommended by my Dr. My eating discipline comes from working out.. with out the workout I'm not as focused. This combination is how I lost 40lbs b4 my TT. Is there anything you recommend to your patients to monitor weight?

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Post Tummy tuck care

Maintenance of weight is vital to the end result of a tummy tuck.  As such there are not magic tricks.  Diet (caloric control), exercise and self discipline are the keys.  Of course they are not easy but the end result is very worth it.  Good luck.

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Exercise and Diet

Excercise, diet and discipline are the best approaches to maintain your weightloss.  Try not to weigh yourself too much at this time as you still have swelling.  It will take a little while to build up your endurance, but you will get there. All the best.

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Maintain Weight After Tummy Tuck

Until you are able to get into your regular exercise routine, I commend you on following your doctors advice. Walking is a great exercise in the meantime. Another tool that helps many patients from gaining weight is to keep a food log. Enter everything you eat and keep a running total of your calories.There are some free websites that help you do this. One is Good luck.

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How to Maintain my Weight 1Month PO Tummy Tuck?

Although it takes longer, most patients can walk for excercise while they are recovering from surgery, and until they can resume their normal routines. 

One option is to try to do your elliptical workout in the morning before work (maybe try this on a non-work day first.

Stick with it--you have shown you can do it! All the best. 

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