Is FNG really necessary for me?

I had my consultation and was told a FNG would be necessary. I was shocked and dismayed, because I've seen photos/heard testimonials of women larger and more pendulous than me that have had regular BR. I'm 47 yo, size 34G (34H before 40 lb weight loss), breast wt 4.5 lbs each; inframammary fold length 18 cm. PS said he would remove at least 900 g from each breast and I would probably be a C cup. Is FNG really necessary for me?

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Free nipple graft

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Without seeing you in person it is hard to say, but a nipple to fold distance of 18 cms usually does not push me to perform a free nipple graft. I will often use a pedicle procedure for this.  Best of luck.

No way to tell without pictures

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If you can provide some pictures and the measurement from your sternal notch to your nipples, I bet we can answer this question much better for you.

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