Went in for an "open nasal reconstruction." Instead the doctor sawed off my hump and now I have an open roof.

But not a basic open roof...one side is broken into two pieces and caved in, resting on the other bone like a lean-to. Can this be fixed? Should I ask him how this was "reconstructive"?

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Now I have an open roof!

Anything can be improved if you have problems with your rhinoplasty. An open roof with a flat broad bridge can be caused by an incomplete in-fracture which can be corrected, or might best be repaired with a spreader graft in some form. If your healing is complete talk to your surgeon for specific advice.

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Went in for an "open nasal reconstruction." Instead the doctor sawed off my hump and now I have an open roof.

It's impossible to give specific advice without examining your nose. However, issues like what you describe can be remedied with revision rhinoplasty. Often, the bone that is leaning inward can be recut and repositioned with a spreader graft or other technique. Please discuss your concerns with your surgeon. If you feel that they are not listening to you or don't understand your concerns, consult with a rhinoplasty expert to discuss revision rhinoplasty. I hope this information is helpful for you.
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Open Roof After Nasal Reconstruction

With out the benefit of an examination and going strictly by your assessment, it sounds as though you may have a collapsed framework leading to the anatomical findings that you are describing. I would first re-consult with your surgeon and voice your  concerns.  Usually this is approached by and re-mobilization of the displaced nasal bone and a closure of the open roof with a cartilage or dermal graft. As for this being a reconstructive vs. a cosmetic issue, that is something you should also discuss with your surgeon.  Hope this info. is helpful.   

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