Will I need a Bone Graft to place my molar implant?

I'm 39 and healthy. 15 years ago I lost my wisdom tooth and second molar on the upper left. The first molar required a root canal. I am experiencing pain and wiggling of that crown, and it may be about to fall out. I would like to get an implant to replace this tooth for function. The second molar space however is just empty gum, so I'm guessing there has been significant bone loss above that point. Is it possible to place an implant without a bone graft? My dental assessment is in two weeks.

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Replacement of loose tooth with implant

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If the tooth is loose, it may be indicative of periodontal disease, some level of infection with bone loss, or both. It is not advised to do immediate implant in such circumstances. It is more predictable to extract tooth, clean out the site, graft if necessary to restore missing bone (the surgeon can check this during procedure), and then place implant in delayed fashion.

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Ii a bone graft neccesary for Molar implant: A Max Implant is ideal for immediate placement in molar socket.

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The tooth that is loose may be able to be removed with an Immediate placement of a MAX implant.  The Max dental implant is the only one specifically designed to be place in an immediate extraction site of a molar.

All sockets are not possible.  I always have the implants in my office because they can save the cost of an implant and save a considerable amount of time.  They actually are designed to lock in to the walls of the socket for immediate fixation.

I no longer do immediate loading on implants due to increased problems that I have seen.  

The edentulous second molar area may have enough bone for implant placement without grafting or may require onlay grafting or sinus lift surgery.

When sufficient bone is present for solid fixation of the implant body an osteotome sinus lift can be the single best procedure in implant dentistry.

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