Are ArteFill granulomas "self limiting"?

I read this in a study and would appreciate if it could be confirmed or not. 'ArteFill granulomas are ‘self limiting’, that is, disappear spontaneously after 2 or 3 years even without treatment...' 

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Artefill granulomas

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My office sees many patients with silicone and Artefill granulomas. The hard lumps can increase or decrease in size but are very unpredictable in terms of how they will progress. Inflammation plays a large role in their formation. In my practice, we strive to remove the underlying problem. 

Dr. Karamanoukian
Los Angeles

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Our Artefill ™ granulomas "self-limiting"

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That is a very interesting study that you referred to. In my experience, I have not had the luxury  to wait around while a patient  patiently waits for a granuloma to spontaneously disappear. I think Artefill is an exceptional filler with a low complication rate and I have had experience injecting it practically everywhere in the face and body-I have not injected it into the substance of the lips, however.
As with any filler, the technique of injection is the key to a successful result. I have seen three granulomas in my experience. Two have resolved with dilute steroid injections while one required excision. Understandably, the three patients were not willing to wait around for years for these granulomas to spontaneously go away. However, this study may provide comfort and hope for those patients  experiencing granulomas who are unwilling to undergo an excision with its attendant scarring.

Randal Haworth, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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