Follow-up: I have a seroma. What canI do?

I have a seroma its been drain with a needle the first time and a drain tube the second time now it's back he said its solid and it will take time to go away but it cause pain in the side and the top of my stomach it's been 5 months what can I do
This question is a follow-up to: "I have a seroma what can I do about it?"

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Follow-up: I have a seroma. What canI do?

A warm compress and gentle massage may be therapeutic. Advise your chosen surgeon of your concerns. 


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Seroma post tummy

Time is a good healer .Perhaps some heat,massage and ultrasound will get it to liquefy and then maybe it can be aspirated.Once in awhile it may need to be re explored.

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Seromas are really tough sometimes.....

So sorry to hear this seroma keeps on going )-: I still believe your doctors need to continue to treat you until the seroma resolves. If the seroma is more "solid" now then drainange will not be possible. The pain could be caused by scarring around the seroma too. Perhaps, if the symptoims are minimal observation +/- antibiotics might be the way to go? If the seroma grows or gets worse, then opening the wound and resecting the seroma cavity might be the way to go? Continue to follow closely with your surgeons until it resolves. Best, Dr. Aldo

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Follow-up: I have a seroma. What canI do?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your seroma issues.  Unfortunately if the seroma has been present for some time your body may have developed a pseudo capsule around the fluid which can only be removed by surgery.  Talk to your surgeon about your options or seek a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon.  Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to say without an assessment. I'd recommend staying in close contact with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

Take care.

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