Is my nipple OK? My left seems to look so much better than right. I'm so concerned (Photo)

My plastic surgeon sees me again on the 10th when I travel to Dothan two week check up. It's a 5.5 hour drive so I can't just go right away I'm 4 days post opp. Feeling ok bloating in my belly though. My right nipple is worrying me a lot though it's gotten dark black around it. What can I do ? Is it ok?! Pictures are of right and left breast which seem to be healing different

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I agree with what is said below - it is very early and both of your nippl/areola complexes appear viable. The swelling or asymmetry is common, especially this early in the postop period. Please contact your PS with these and subsequent photos so they can assess and advise you.

Roswell Plastic Surgeon
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Nipple worry

Hello, there is often some bruising and swelling after surgery but it is not possible to assess wound healing based on a photo alone.  I would recommend contacting your PS with any concerns.  I hope your recovery goes well.

William Andrade, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Post-op check

It looks like you had a mastopexy (lift) in addition to implants.  It's good that you are checking the nipple circulation.  Fortunately, the photo appears to show normal color of the central nipple and surrounding areolar skin.  It's not uncommon though, to have slight differences in color between the two sides.  This will normalize with time.

Thomas Fiala, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Nipple OK ?

Both nipples look fine.  The dark, black colour around the nipple looks like dried blood.  There is plenty of blood getting to the nipple and it looks to be healing fine.

Frank Conroy, MBChB, MRCS, FRCS(Plast)
Dubai Plastic Surgeon
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