2 months post opp, Any suggestions? (photos)

Had lipo of the entire trunk Flanks and hips and mini tuck Not happy with the results what can I do from here doctor said I'm still swollen give it time

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Dr Derby

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Thank you or your question and the photo. Looking at the photo i would have recommended you a full Tummy Tuck instead of a mini. A mini TT is very limited in its results and many clients are better candidates for a full instead. Best of luck 

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You say that you're not happy with your results - but why?  What did you look like before, and what were you expecting from the surgery?
These are obviously questions that need to be addressed prior to any surgery, but they remain relevant now.  If you can post a pre-op photo you may be able to get more opinions.  Short of that, though, it is certainly true that it can take up to 6 months, and sometimes longer, to see the final results.  But at 2 months you should have a pretty good suggestion of what you'll look like and if you're not happy now then you may not, in fact, be happy in 4 more months.
You appear to have some intra-abdominal fullness.  If so, then even a full TT would not have provided a flat abdomen, which is what many women want but is difficult to achieve.  You may actually have had the most appropriate procedure, but your expectations were a little unrealistic for what it could do.
In short, you would need to be seen in person for a full assessment, and your pre-op appearance would need to be taken into consideration in deciding whether or not your results are appropriate for what you had done.  The same approach needs to be used when considering any revisions.
I hope that this helps and good luck,
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2 months post opp, Any suggestions?

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Obviously a thorough examination is necessary to determine your best course of action.  It would appear from your picture that you have either laxity of your abdominal muscles and/or intraabdominal fat causing your abdominal fullness.  If this is the case a full tummy tuck would be necessary.  I do maintain that swelling after liposuction does take about 3-4 months to go completely away.  Continue working with your PS to come up with the best solution. 

Mini tummy tuck and lipo

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You need to give some time, if you are not happy with your results you can always choose to have a revision, please follow your doctor directions. Best wishes!

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