Macrolane Vs Calf Implants

Which is better between Macrolane or calf implants? I am aware that Macrolane is safer, but it does not last and I'm thinking if it shifts. What would results of the two look like?

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Calf enhancement

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You may wish to consider autologous fat transfers as an alternative to calf implants. Fat grafting can be a permanent solution to areas where patients want more contouring and can avoid problems with implants.

Steven Williams, MD
Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

Calf implants are safe and easy.

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Silicone calf implants are placed through a small incision in the crease behind the knee. There are 2 per side but only one incision is necessary. The pain is modest. The legs need to be elevated as much as possible for a few days and compressive stockings are worn for a few weeks.

I can't see any reason for an injectable. If you don't like the implants (which take about 30 minutes or so to put in) they can be easily removed.

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