Can Macrolane Be Injected into the Face?

I have asked for different opinions. Some said Sculptra would be an alternative for fat transfer while some said Sculptra does not work well on them. I wonder if Macrolane with such large particles can be injected as a facial filler.

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Liquid Face Lift

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Macrolane is a form of hyaluronic acid of large particle size (being studied for breast augmentation in Europe) which is not FDA approved and is not available in USA.  Multiple types of fillers including the natural filler, fat, can be used to change or augment the shape of the face.  Facial implants, if indicated offer the best long term option for volumizing atrophy of the face whether it be from bone loss, fat loss or combinations.  

Please be cautious of the advertising and promotions about liquid face lifts,  there are many more cost effective means such as facial implants, vertical facelifts, and fat transfers which give patients satisfying long term results. Sometimes injections of large volumes of "off the shelf" fillers can give temporary results at a substantial price. The use of moderate volumes 1-3cc  of fillers for nasolabial groove correction give very satisfying results and have good safety records.  

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