Would Getting Macrolane Help a Lipo Victim?

I'm 33yrs old and was dumb enough to let someone do lipo on my body when I definitely did NOT need lipo. What was I thinking!! You can see before and after pictures here: http://technicaldepot.com/man1.html I am desperate to get improvement as my entire body has literally been destroyed. I've been looking into possibly getting macrolane in the buttocks area for hopefully improvement and an inner thigh lift to improve damage. Why doesn't anyone in the US use macrolane?

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Mcrolane for soft tissue defects correction

Thank you for your question.

Macrolane is hyaluronic acid based filler for correction of soft tissue defects on the body.

It can be used after liposuction to improve contours. However results are not permanent -lasting about for 18 months. Migration of the filler is also an issue. Many surgeons prefer to use patients own fat for correction.

I hope you will find a Macrolane provider in your city.

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