Which regions of the United States has the lowest prices for the All in Four or Six dental procedure?

Im a candidate and an oral surgeon in Statesboro Ga quoted 26000 for 11 extractions....4 implants....and the permanent bridge prosthesis upper arch only called it the All on 4 procedure and to be done in 1 day at the same place. Does anybody know of an area or practice that for whatever reason can do the same procedure for lower cost? im a trucker and travel to most states so im in a good position for out of state practices

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All on 4 by nobel biocare

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the correct protocol of all on 4, with nobel biocare , can be with porcelain or with titanium acrylic, and in both cases you will get amazing results, you just need to find the correct doctor. many patients travel to cancun to perform this all on4, by nobel biocare. and they save up to 60 %

All on 6

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You will find quotes higher and lower.  What is important is the type of teeth and what its like on the inside.  These all on 4-implant teeth are a screwed in bar with denture teeth and plastic gums on top.  At Jewel Dental we offer porcelain or zirconium teeth that feel like teeth with no screw holes, cemented on 5-8 implants, and for less than your current quote.Do remember that this procedure is a process and will require several visits for best results.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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