Having Lipo should I expect any significant changes? Are Garments required? (photos)

I'm currently around 205. Have been heavier all my life but always active. Sometime gym junkie. My weight doesn't fluctuate often. But I am 205 not all muscle but definitely not all fat. Wondering what to expect? I've scene girls with similar weight, height, shapes on here to mine. But they're results always vary. My doctor said I would not have to wear a compression garment which makes me wonder what is going to keep liquid from gushing out of the incisions. I'm having my complete upper body.

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Having Lipo should I expect any significant changes? Are Garments required?

I try to liposuction as much as possible to get the waist as small as I can while leaving the skin looking smooth.  I have found compression garments to be useful.

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Having Lipo should I expect any significant changes?

Thank you for your photos and your inquiry. At 205 pounds, there was certainly some adipose tissue that can be removed with liposuction. However, your photos in clothes do not reveal your lower abdomen and it's impossible to evaluate how much excess skin, if any, you have.

If you have too much skin to contract once the fat is removed, you will have wrinkly skin that I'm sure you will not be happy with. An in person evaluation by a certified plastic surgeon will be necessary for a definitive decision on the procedure that you need for the best outcome.

Your photographs do reveal excess skin in the "love handle" area and your bra role, and these would be helped significantly with liposuction. I recommend the "Tickle lipo" procedure because it gives a smoother surface and the recovery time and procedure itself are shorter.

I do have my patients where a compression garment postoperatively to reduce the postoperative swelling and also speed up the recovery time.
Thank you for your question and photographs.

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Lipo and garments

Not all surgeons have patients wear garments. You should follow your surgeon's postoperative instructions. Best of luck.

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Having Lipo should I expect any significant changes? Are Garments required?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Unfortunately without an in-person examination to discuss your goal results and assess your skin quality it is difficult to offer definite recommendations.  Your underlying bone and muscle anatomy will help determine the shape improvement that you can anticipate but in most cases of liposuction a compression garment is normally used to reduce postoperative swelling.  Be sure to see an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon in consultation. 

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