Pain & throbbing after partial root canal in front in tooth. Any suggestions?

My crown broke off my front tooth & dentist glued it back on. In a week I was in horrible pain. I took antibiotics and Motrin but no improvement so he did a root canal but because of inflammation & pain he did a temporary filling, no post. 2 weeks later Im feeling better but still some pain & throbbing and when I touch the gum above the tooth next to it(also had a root canal) I get shooting pain in the front tooth. Xrays showed scar tissue in that tooth next to it from past surgery. Help?

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When a root canal tooth still hurts....

At this point it sounds like the pain is better although you are still having some symptoms and discomfort around your front teeth.  What kind of follow up did your dentist recommend?  My suggestion would be to call the office and ask for a post operative visit.  The dentist can then try to get a diagnosis for what is going on.  The diagnosis is key.  Without that you could end up trying all kinds of remedies without success.  If your dentist is unsure or cannot figure out what is causing your problems, request a referral to a specialist.  In your particular case, an Endodontist.  Ask the dentist who they would go to if it was their tooth?  In the meantime, you may want to request an antibiotic to buy you some time.  There may be residual infection in the area.  All the best,

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