Is it okay to adjust your gauze and big bandage?

I just got a breast removal done yesterday and I removed the gauze and bandage to adjust and feel more comfortable. Doctor said don't move it but I was in tons of discomfort. Is this okay?

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Bandages after surgery

Most surgeons close incisions with dissolvable sutures that are under the skin. It is typically safe to remove bandages after 24h, and I encourage my patients to do so after I have performed surgery. Some surgeons prefer to leave the bandages on longer, for various reasons. All in all, you probably haven't done anything harmful in removing them prematurely, especially if you are more comfortable without them. You may want to replace a clean, dry dressing over the area and change it daily for the next few days. Ask your doctor if showering is ok. Usually we wait a few days/weeks before recommending any scar cream and or topical ointments. Topical antibiotic ointment is not necessary on a healthy, intact surgical wound. 

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