Should I get a revision? (photo)

I recently had breast augmentation and got 375cc round implants places under the muscle. This resulted in an apparent 10DD/E though I only look about a size C!! Previously I was a 10B! I am about 163cms and weight 52kgs. If I got a revision what size would be the max I could go? I could like to look a lot fuller and bigger with more cleavage! Thanks so much

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Its a question only you can answer...

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but since your fairly close to your surgery, its always recommended to live the life with your new look.  You may be surprised and actually enjoy what you have now.  If you are still disappointed, see your surgeon about having larger implants placed with the understanding that larger implants can have deleterious effects on your tissue over the ensuing years resulting in more surgery and possible downsizing.  But if it really will make you much happier, then go for it.

Should I get a revision?

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Given that you have had breast augmentation surgery done “recently”, it will be in your best interest to continue to exercise patience and evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed several months ( I would suggest at least 6 months) from now. At that point, whether you choose to undergo revisionary surgery to increase breast size will be a very personal decision that should be made carefully. Remember, that additional surgery does carry risk. If you do choose to undergo further surgery make sure you communicate your goals clearly. As you know, discussing goals in terms of cup size can be source of miscommunication/confusion. Best wishes.

Breast revision

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If you want larger breasts you would need a revision. It is impossible to tell you what would be best without seeing you in person.

Proportionate results from augmentation

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The photos posted show a very full look on a petite frame, so going larger would risk undoing a good result. Wait at least 6-12 months before deciding.

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