Are my implants too small for me? Unhappy with size. (photos)

I had my breast augmentation 4 weeks ago and got 400cc. Previously I was a large size A and now have been told I am borderline 10DD or 8E. I feel as though my breasts look more like a b or c. Additionally I have begun feeling pain in my left breast. Is this normal, or should I be worried? Does it look like my implants are too small for me? If so what would be a recommended new implant size for me be? Thankyou so much.

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Are my implants too small for me? Unhappy with size.

At 4 weeks post-op it's really too soon to worry about final size.  Try to be patient and give it 3-6 months and re-evaluate then.  Make sure you talk with your surgeon at your follow up appointment just to make sure that everything is on track.  From the photos you look like you are.  Congratulations! ac

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Breast augmentation size

The size you chose look good on your body type I don't think you need to go bigger but ultimately it is your choices.

It is common to get a variety of aches and pains and zings and pullings and pushings and funny feelings and numbness and itching that you can't scratch for at least six months after surgery. These unusual feelings are response of the body stretching over time to accommodate new implant.

While you're description sounds quite normal, the safest thing to do would be to just check in with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes on a full and complete recovery

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There is no industry standard for cup size after breast augmentation.

There is no industry standard for cup size after breast augmentation. And it really doesn't matter what label is on your bra as long as you feel confident with your appearance.

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Are my implants too small for me? Unhappy with size.

The posted photo result LOOKS excellent!!! Maybe you need more healing and getting used to time. Or your realistic expectations can not be met... 

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Breast implant size after surgery.

Without knowing you dimensions it is difficult to tell if they are proportionate for you. You look a little full for now and going larger would be a mistake.  It takes between 2 to 6 month to tell how they will eventually look and you have to wait until they have settled into their final form.  The pain in the left breast should resolve and this is normal during the first 6 weeks.  I would be patient for now and see you PS in 6 months.

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Your implants do not look too small to me at all. Your breast shape will change for at least 6 months so be patient. As for your pain, see your PS so they can examine you and determine if this is an issue of concern. 


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Breast Augmentation Size Concerns

Good questions... you likely need to let the implants heal and settle more before coming to a complete conclusion. 4 weeks is a relatively short time after going from a size A cup to your current size. Swelling and healing changes are still occuring. Final size likely has not been realized yet. Relax and see your board certified PS. Good luck!

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Breast Enhancement

I think your shape looks great and at 3 months when everything settles you will be more happy than you are now

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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Are my implants too small for me? Unhappy with size.

Thank you for your question and pictures.  From a professional standpoint your implants appear to be an appropriate size for your body proportion.  It is common for women to experience a wide range of emotions following breast surgery and concern about size is a frequent issue in the early post-op period.  With time, your breast shape will appear 'softer' as your tissue stretches and this may appear to you as the breasts getting smaller.  They are not getting smaller, just 'settling.'  Allow at least three months to pass before judging your final size.

More importantly, however, is what your goals were prior to your procedure. Size is by far the most common concern for patients undergoing breast augmentation.  I strongly emphasize to my patients that your surgical results will be your vision, not mine.  That is why it is extremely important to discuss your goals in great detail prior to the procedure.  Always share your concerns with your plastic surgeon so that your final result will be as close to your vision as possible.

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Unhappy with Size of Breast Implants

  • 4 weeks after a breast augmentation is really still too early to say how things will eventually look.   It takes more time for the implants to settle into position and for swelling to subside. 
  • From the photos that you have provided, I think thus far everything looks great, and I do not think the implants are too small for you.  
  • It is not uncommon for patients to second guess their new size soon after breast augmentation, and I would definitely advise waiting awhile, as you may end up loving your new size.  Additionally, please discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. 
  • Best of luck to you!

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