Which Machine is More Effective Between Alexandrite Laser and Emax Syneron for Hair Removal?

I'm a 34 year old man and my skin colour is type 4 . I've received 2 options for removing my back hairs which are dark and thick ;eMax Syneron offered me 4 sessions of treatment for permanent hair removal and complementary treatment if the result wasn't satisfactory.Alexandrite offered me 6 sessions for permanent hair reduction. I searched a lot about laser hair removal but couldn't find enough about eMax and its function but, its offer is really tempting me. I appreciate any earlier advice.

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Treating Fitzpatrick skin type IV

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The Alex 755nm is the "gold standard" for hair removal, however, treating darker skin is better with a Yag or a 1064nm laser.  Lasers see pigment, not hair.  The darker and coarser the hair, the more energy is absorbed.  Also, it is important not to have sun approximately 2 weeks before treatment.  There is a risk of hypopigmentation (leaving white spots) if the treatment area and the hair color is similar.

Suggest a test area before to make sure everyone is happy.  Good luck.


Salt Lake City Dermatologist

Alexandrite for Laser Hair Removal

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Hi Al.  Stick with the Alexandrite.  This is a tried and true laser.  Neither the IPL or radiofrequency is ideal for permanent laser hair removal and these are the technologies being employed by Syneron.  Make sure that whomever is doing the Alexandrite treatments regularly treats skin type IV as this is important.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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