Bottoming out revision. Am I dropping too much too fast 2 weeks post op? (Photos)

I am 2 weeks post revision to fix bottomed out 12 yr old 300 cc saline under the muscle implants. I switched to 235 cc silicone. My doctor did a pocket revision to correct bottoming out & also did what he called a lift but I'm not sure what type it is. He basically removed the excess skin at the bottom of my breast so it would be tight when he stitched it closed. I'm worried my breasts are dropping too much to fast For only 2 wks post op. & that they will continue to drop What do you think?

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Bottoming out repair.

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Looks like a fantastic early result to me.  Each of us has individual protocols but my patients come to my office for weekly supportive tape changes for 6-8 weeks and wear an underwire bra constantly.  Be careful with any exertion and avoid exercise.  Congratulations.

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Post repair

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you look like your going to have a good result from the repair. Please make sure to continue with support to allow it to heal and not recure. But it should do well.

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Implant revision

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It looks like things are healing well.  Your surgeon did an excellent job correcting this bottoming out. 

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2 Weeks After Correction Of Bottoming Out - Are My Breasts Starting To Bottom Out Once More?

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Congratulations on going to what appears to be an excellent plastic surgeon.  The pictures you provided us indicate an excellent early revision for breast implant ptosis (bottoming out).  Since your pocket already existed and since your surgeon closed off that portion of the pocket which created the implant ptosis, the implant has moved to the existing new floor of the implant pocket immediately unlike what occurred in your first surgery.  However, the new bottom or floor of the implant pocket has been reinforced and I am assuming is quite solid, therefore dropping as the first implants did is a very unlikely possibility.

Bottoming out revision. Am I dropping too much too fast 2 weeks post op?

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Although I do understand your concerns,  it is very difficult to ascertain whether breast implants are "dropping too much" at this point.  There are many variables involved including exactly what procedure was performed,  residual swelling,  exactly what type of breast lifting was performed,  and how the previously elevated skin is "bouncing back".

 Personally, I think that postoperative supportive dressing/bra as well as restriction of activities is an important part of successful  revisionary breast surgery; make sure that you are following your plastic surgeons instructions in these regards.

 Otherwise, only time will tell when it comes to final positioning of breast implants and final breast appearance. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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