Will braces alone correct my open bite?

I'm a 22 y/o male. I had braces at age 16. This has now been deemed "camoflauge" treatment. My open bite remains. At my consultation I was told surgery is likely to be necessary. After the referral I was told surgey "would not be worth" the small benefit and that I was a "borderline case", so I'm being treated with braces only (and tooth extraction). My mouth/jaw position make my jaw misalignment clear (but aesthetics didn't seem to concern the dentist). Will braces alone fix the problem?

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Very difficult to tell without a full exam and diagnostic records

Each situation is very different.  Some people can have dental camouflage to create an ideal bite with orthodontics alone, but it is also possible that this may still produce an aesthetic facial compromise.

In general, the mechanics of braces tends to extrude anterior teeth so that they teeth are in a good position at the end of treatment.  However, retainers have a difficult time holding this extrusion, resulting in relapse quite commonly.  Using Invisalign, we will often try to intrude the posterior teeth to help reduce the open bite, and this is quite stable because the normal bite forces on the back teeth will help provide retention.

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