I' m african and I have a big, flat, wide nose. Which rhinoplasty is the best for me?

I'm african belgian, indeed I live in Belgium and i'm not sure surgerons are enough qualfied with ethnic nose there., I'm now starting to seriously consider getting a rhinoplasty. My nose is wide especially at the top when i 'm smiling I have no tip projection definition. I think i have a little bump but not sure. I want my nose still looks ethnic but finer. What could you suggest me? Tkank you NB: sorry for my bad English :)

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Ethnic Nose reduction-rhinoplasty

Your nose can be made smaller and more in proportion to your face. It is really difficult to say exactly what I could do, but usually, I reduce the bulkiness of the nose, sometimes even build up the bridge as well as reduce the size of the nostrils. I would suggest that you send me photos. I also Skype with my overseas patients.

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Obviously you need to find a PS with experience in ehtnic rhinoplasties and rhinoplasties in general and then have him take your photo digitally and then alter it with your imput till you see the simulated result that you would like to see on your face. Assuming it is realistic, then ask him how he would accomplish it. That way going into surgery both you and the surgeon will have the same final result in mind. Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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