What is the best treatment for my oily skin with acne marks and scars and what is the cost? (photos)

i m having to much acne marks and scars on my face and i want my skin to be clean. My skin type is oily. Which treatment is the best for my skin. How much time will it take and what is the cost for that treatment?

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Acne and oily skin and scars

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I have many patients who come to see me for acne scars.  Since your face is so oily and still having break outs I would suggest you have your hormones tested to see if it is related to that.  You may need a combination of oral and topical antibiotics to control the break outs.  In addition, you may need topical retinoids or retinol to help heal the scars and prevent future break outs.  The scars are more difficult to treat.  Depending on how deep the scars are you may need Fraxel laser to minimize the scars.

Oily skin and acne scarring

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Retinoid creams  work well to control the oiliness of the skin while treating acne breakouts. With extended use , they also help to even skin tone.    Benzoyl peroxides, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid preparations also are helpful in controlling oiliness and breakouts.  Chemical peels are effecttive in treating scarrubg  and dark spots associated with acne and are many times not very costly.  Most  acne preparations are covered by insurance.  Products with effective acne treating ingredients can be found in over the counter products as well.  

Consult a dermatologist

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One way we would treat you facial skin based on your pictures is to start you on a light topical retinoid which would help clean out your pores and help with the areas of discoloration. Additionally we would suggest a series of chemical peels to help your overall appearance.

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