Want Chin Implant for Weak Chin, Can I Have this Done Before Jaw Surgery to Align Teeth?

I am 21 years old and have a weak chin and my teeth are not aligned. My dentist is not interested in doing my surgery as he s feeling it is not necessary. but i feel the necessity to do it as my teeth's r not aligned properly and have weak chin too ... can i do chin implant alone to correct my weak chin first rather than doing jaw surgery ,becoz need to wait for 2 more yrs to do it n want to undergo lot's of troubles too !btw i had my braces for nearly 4 yrs to correct my overbite too ...now it's corrected!!!

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Chin Implant before Jaw Surgery

You can do the chin implant before jaw surgery, but it may be be a waste of time and money. Your chin projection can be improved as part of the jaw surgery, providing another permanent solution to your microgenia.

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