I Have a 2 Year Old Lipoma On the Right Side of My Head Above the Neck. What Can I Do?

Age 26, I have a 2 year old lipoma on the right side of my head above the neck. Slightly painful around it when eating. It is swelling a bit and smooth. What are my options. I am afraid of hair loss with surgery?

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Lipoma diagnosis must be confirmed

Lipoma is a diagnosis made on a biopsy. Until then any lump should be referred to as a mass. Given this situation it is important to get the mass removed especially if it has been increasing in size. MRI is the best way to give more confidence to your diagnosis. Once MRI confirms that the mass is very likely to be a lipoma then it is your choice to either continuing observing for any increase in size or get it removed. Please remember that even an MRI cannot differentiate between a lipoma (a benign mass) and a liposarcoma ( a dangerous malignant tumor). So, when in doubt-take it out.


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