Lypoma on Both Sides of my Spine- Suggestions For Removal?

I saw my PCP 5 years ago for a lypoma on the left side of my spine (L-4/L-5). My PCP said since i have had 2 removed 20 years ago, to not worry about it. Now i can feel it on the right side of my spine and it is very obvious, protruding outward. Its at the area of my belt line and im noticing my pants getting tighter, pain in the lower lumbararea and a bloated feeling even w/o eating. I'm 40good and only take adderall daily. Any suggestions?

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Lipomas near spine

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If you have a new mass that is symptomatic  and in a location which makes it painful or bothersome, then it is reasonable and appropriate to have it rechecked  for possible removal despite being told 5years ago to leave a lipoma alone.  The bloating you are noticing may be due to the lipoma or something else but it sounds like you should revisit your doctor as a starting point.

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