3 yrs post facial fat transfer, unhappy with the outcome. Lumps formed in cheeks and jawline. How can this be resolved? (photo)

In Dec 2013 I have a fat transfer to my face.Originally I wanted the fat in the hollows of my eyes and on my cheekbone but the fat was put all over including my jawline and around my mouth.The 1st week after the surgery I noticed 2 hard large lumps on the side of my jaw and linear lumps on both sides of my cheeks.I went back to my doctor several times and he refuses to fix the lumps. They really bother me because they protrude inside my mouth which causes me to bite my cheeks. What can be done?

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Removing grafted fat

Hard lumps after fat grafting may indicate either overfilling of fat or more like something called "fat necrosis." Sometimes the hard lump may go away over time or with massage, however if it does not either liposuction or direct surgical excision (through an incision) can be done. It may be wise to wait at least 6-9 months out to consider any corrective surgery, but it sounds like this was done several years ago, so it likely has stabilized and will stay this way unless something else is done. 

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Options after Fat Transfer Results Unhappy -- 5fu/steroids, RF treatments, Liposuction

It is very difficult to reverse fat transfer if you are unhappy.  Liposuction to the area or steroid injections with or without 5-FU can help decrease localized areas.  Sometimes additional fillers around the area to camouflage your area of concern is better than doing anything for the fat transferred area.  I have had some success lasers with microneedling/PRP to problem areas.  I suggest speaking to an expert in filler injections, specifically someone who does a significant amount of fat transfer.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Fat transfer removal

Fat transfer removal can be done and there are multiple procedures to achieve that.

A physical examination in person is needed and a plan for the appropriate procedure will be discussed in details.

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3 yrs post facial fat transfer, unhappy with the outcome. Lumps formed in cheeks and jawline. How can this be resolved? (photo

Removal of firm nodules after the transfer can be difficult. Occasionally additional fat injections could be used to camouflage the area. Sometimes steroid injections are helpful. Certainly a consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of plastic surgery is the first step in solving your issue.

Good luck to you.

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