Lymphedema and Breast Reconstruction

Painful Breast Reconstruction I have LE in both arms I also have truncal LE. I have made the very hard decision to have my implants removed I have thought long and hard and finally told my GP that I want to have my implants removed, I am in so much pain.

My Dr tells me that the PS will just take them out and stitch me up. Is this possible? :( I cannot even imagine how awful that would look and feel. Will the skin and muscle actually retract?

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Lymphedema and implants

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Lymphedema of the arms can develop after axillary  node dissection during mastectomy. It is a bit unusual for it to happen to the chest as well.  It is unlikley related to your implants. If you should decide to remove your implants, your chest will probably be very flat.

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Removal of implants

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Dear Laurel,

I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems.  If you have an implant only reconstruction, then removing the implant will leave you looknig flat, as if you had just had a mastectomy with no reconstruction.  There will be some degree of skin retraction, but the surgeon will probably remove some of the excess skin at the time of removal of your implants. 

I wish you all the best.  There may be the possibility of having a reconstruction using your own tissue and avoiding implants all together - talk to your reconstructive surgeon about this.

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