What is a Lymphatic Massage and How Best to Incorporate It During Slim Lipo Recovery?

I had abdominal Slim Lipo liposuction done and am 12 days post-op. At my 1 week post-op appt, I was told I was doing good. Is it ok to try a lymphatic drainage massage now? What is it? What is the benefit? How to do it? Can I do it myself or my husband do it for me? Or better to see a certified masseuse? Thank you.

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Lymphatic Massage following SLIM LIPO to the abdomen

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I do not recommend lymphatic massage to the abdomen after SLIM LIPO, this procedure is more beneficial after SLIM LIPO to the arms and lower extremities (such as inner or outer thighs).  If you decide to proceed, make sure you check with your surgeon first and that you see a massage therapist experienced in post-liposuction lymphatic massage.  Good luck and take care!

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