Lymphatic Drainage Needed or Not After Slim Lip?

I had slim lipo 5 days ago on abdomen, flanks, full back. About 8 pnds . Went to lymphatic drainage massage next day , it was tolerable. 2 days later again and i almost fainted from the burning pain. Therapist said i had a lot of fluid buildup in some areas. I went again the next day ,a heat pad was used plus ultrasound before the massage and it was slightly better. Do I have to do this to avoid formation of lumps?.

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Lymphatic Drainage Needed or Not After Slim Lipo?

This question is best answered by your Plastic Surgeon.  You do not want to do anything to hurt yourself.  I am concerned about the possible fainting.  Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon regarding your healing issues.  When in doubt, don't!

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Lymphatic drainage after Slim Lipo

it's probably best to follow the direction of the surgeon in the center that you initiated your treatment with. Lymphatic drainage can be helpful but if you are stuck on an island alone and had no one there to take care of you and know access to such technology most likely you would still have the same outcome as the weeks and months pass. This is designed to help you recover faster with a better look in less time.

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