Told I have fluid around my left breast

Today is my 8 day post op. I noticed last night that my left breast was swollen and looked lopsided compared to my right. I called my doctor for an emergency visit and he said I have fluide. Is this normal with a bilateral submuscular saline implant

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Fluid post aug

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Anytime you create a pocket and in this case it is for the impalnts you can have bleeding or hematoma and if not corrected down the road you can develop a seroma or fluid collection.

Fluid around the Breast after surgery

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Fluid around the breast can happen after Breast surgery but it is never wise to not remove it as the incidence of capsular contractures from seromas or hematomas increases significantly. Just make sure your doctor is keeping a close eye on it.

Fluid around implants

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Fluid around implants can occur and sometimes need to be drained. Sometimes the fluid if it is not a lot will resorb on its own.

Fluid around implant

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It would be rare to have fluid around the implant 8 days after surgery. Much more common would be blood which, if present, should be removed as soon as practical.

Fluid around breast implant

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Thank you for your question.

Although there may be small amounts of fluid around breast implants in a "normal" post-operative course, larger amounts are fairly unusual. This is regardless of the type of implant or the position under or over the muscle.

Asymmetry between your breasts 8 days out could be from swelling, slightly different initial positioning, or fluid around the implant, or preexisting asymmetries which are noticed more now. 

Your surgeon will need to make a decision on whether or not your situation needs treatment. Although fluid is often absorbed by the body over time, long term complications such as capsular contracture will be considered. If he/she thinks you require a procedure, it will likely just be drainage of the fluid and washing out the pocket. It is unlikely that you are having any active bleeding at this point.

If you stay on top of this with your surgeon, this should be a minor bump in your long term enjoyment of your implants.

Good luck!

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