Is Lutronic's E Co2 Laser One of the Most Popular Lasers to Treat Lines Around the Mouth and Eyes?

I had a full face co2 laser done when I was 37 and I am told that this e co2 laser is a lot easier to heal from and yet produces the same results. Is this true in your experience? i am 53. would you suggest a different type of laser for my mouth and eyes?

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Eco2 Laser

The Eco2 laser from Lutronic is one of the best fractional Co2 lasers on the market for a variety of reasons related to its design and and platform stability. I have experience with traditional CO2 lasers (Sharplan) as well has having performed over 1000 procedures on the eCo2. In general the results are very comparable, especially if one knows the energy and density coverage parameters well.  One also needs to know which patients might benefit from some second phase treatments. But in general, it should do an excellent job around our eyes and mouth. Good luck.

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