My Opthamologist advised me not to have a Blepharoplasty due to dry eyes. Is it safe to have a phenol peel on my eye lids?

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Hetter peel for the lower eyelid skin

Any peel or laser procedure on the eyelids runs the possible risk of lid retraction, which would make your dry eye symptoms worse.  So, I would follow the advice of your Ophthalmologist, and avoid treating this area.

FYI - While the modified Hetter peel (phenol & croton oil) can indeed be successfully done on the lower eyelid area, it is done with a much lighter peel solution than that used on areas like the perioral or forehead areas.

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Phenol not safe for eyelids

Thank you for the great question! Phenol is consider by most practitioners to be the deepest of the chemical peels. It is mostly used nowadays to remove the deep lines around the mouth. Because the eyelid skin is the thinnest in the body, phenol is not a good choice for this area. There are other lighter peels like a light TCA peel or some fractionated lasers which are safe to use. The most important thing is to make sure you find a physician that has experience with both peels and lasers. Best of luck!

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