Will Lumpy, Unsatisfactory Smart Lipo Results Get Better?

I recently had Smart Lipo done on my stomach, love handles, inner and out thighs and knees. After the first 24 hours I took off my girdle and was amazed at how great i looked. Now, 10 days later, I have a lumpy stomach, my love handles don't look as small, no difference in thighs and saw a indent in my right thigh. What is going on? Will I ever look better, like the way I did after the first 24 hours?

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Most likely you will look better soon, but it is difficult to say.

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Your initial results are usually what you will end up at, but for now you will be swollen and irregular until the swelling goes down.  Usually, our patients are back to normal within a month or so, which means you ought to hold tight for now!  Good luck!

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