How Can I Fix Lumpy Lips After Non-Synthetic Injectable?

I was injected microdroplets of vegetable oil in my lips in a cosmetic studio 9 months ago (huge mistake!).Directly after it looked horrible(huge lumps), now after nine months I've seenabout 40% improvement but they're still there.Will this go away by itself since it's not synthetic or what can be done except excision? Massaging doesn't seem to help.5-FU injection directly into the hard lumps or steroid injections or something else? What has the least side effects and what are the costs! Thanks

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See a board certified plastic surgeon and do not self medicate

Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Your concern must be assessed properly, as the injection of vegetable oil is not an FDA approved method of lip enhancement. This is dangerous and needs to be checked out. Please bring the records of your treatment at the time of your appointment, as the surgeon will want to know what exactly was injected ("vegetable oil" is not specific enough). Best of luck.

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Fixing lumpy lips

The short answer to your question is that you should see an expert in facial plastic surgery to have those lips evaluated. If you have medical records from the treatment, I would try to get those and bring them with you. Since you have seen some improvement over time, I would expect it to continue but you should be seen.

Scott Trimas, MD
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Lip Augmentation attempted with non medical vegetable oil

Renee, you should be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon.  If you can find out exactly what was injected into your lips - brand, chemical make up, if the product was sterilized, etc. - this will be helpful to your treating physician.  Although there may be a number of treatment options for your situation, all treatments carry risks and you should consider this before having anything further done to your lips.  Above all, do not have any more injections of vegetable oil into your lips. 

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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Vegetable oil injections into lips caused lumps, now what?

I have no idea what the vegetable oil will do to your lips and you should immediately go to a qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon for evaluation and treatment.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Lip filler

Not heard of injecting vegetable oil any where.

The body reaction will depend on the vegetable oil. No 5FU or Steroids.

If these are oil cysts, aspiration may work. Other possibility is direct exploration(surgery)

Samir Shureih, MD
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