Lumpy Area Above Implant- Should I Worry?

I have had subglandular implants 15yrs a month ago I was doing a SBE and noticed above my rt breast a lumpy area but it felt long and fibrous. The worrier that I am kept messing with it and soon it seemed to change a bit and then felt like a ridge. I had a Mammo 10 months ago and a u/s 6 mths ago in the same breast and all appeared normal.In the mammo I do see a fold at the top of the implant but this seems lower then then the spot I feel. Could this be a psuedolump?My PCP doesn't seem worried

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Breast Lump?

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Thank you for the question.  You should be commended on diligently doing SBE.

Based on your history and description I would suggest  repeat follow-up with your PCP  or seeking a second opinion.  Repeat ultrasound and/or mammogram will likely be necessary.

I would not assume that the changing lesion that you are feeling is related to the breast implant or a “pseudo-lump”. Full workup is indicated ASAP.

I hope this helps.

Breast lumps and breast implants

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A new lump in a breast should always be treated seriously.. It may be implant related in which case MRI,  u/s and mammograms are useful

it can be followed through one or two cycles for changes

needle directed bx or needle bx may be required.

dont ignore this

Breast lump

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If you feel somethin unusual regarding your breasts a lump, a ridge that is different, etc.. you should definitely see your doctor for an evaluation.

Any breast lump deserves attention

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A pseudo lump is not a reality, and any palpable lump in the breast deserves a full evaluation. If you had a recent mammogram then a followup ultrasound may be of help. With no luck there an MRI study may help sort things out, and give you a good check on your 15 year old implants.

Best of luck,

Lyump after augmentation

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Is the implant saline or silicone?  An MRI, in conjunction with follow up mammograms and ultrasounds, will get to the bottom of this.  In any case, implants that are 15 years old are ready for exchange: saline implants begin to fail after 10 years due to crease-fold failure and older generation silicone implants leak and eventually disintegrate.

Do Not ignore any lump in the breast

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Any lump in the breast should be fully worked up, if you have breast implants or not.  I would repeat the mammogram and ultrasound and probably add a breast MRI.

If the implant is broken or leaking I would replace or remove both implants.  If the lump is not the implant you might need an open biopsy to determine if there is an abnormal growth.  This is not a situation you should ignore, breast cancer is curable if caught in it's early stages and treated appropriately.  Ruptured implants do not suddenly heal, they need to be replaced.  Your PCP should be worried, I AM!!!

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