Lumps on Sides and Lower Back After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I still have lumpy spots on my sides and my lower back from lipo after Brazilian buttlift - fat grafting. I am very insecure with the look of my results. I had lots of fluid in my lower back that was removed months after the surgery. I am left with very uneven skin. I wanted to know what could I do to flatten out the scar tissue and is there anything to get rid of it completely? Need help, Thank you!

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Lumpiness after butt lift

Give yourself more time. Masaage the area and after 6-9 months then seek a consult to address areas on concern.

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Lumpy Liposuction Results

I am sorry that you are experiencing some issues with your result.  Concerning the "lumpiness", digital massage and time may be helpful.  If you have some contour issues with the skin then fat grafting to these areas may be helpful.

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Lumpiness After Liposuction

Hello. From the fluid that was removed it appears that you have had an unusual reaction called a seroma. Once the fluid is gone, the lumpiness will improve after nine months to a year. Massages to the area will greatly assist in the smoothing process. If the lumpiness remains after a year, you should schedule an exam with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the best treatment option for you.      

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