Found Lumps in my Breast Several Years After Implants. Doctor Says Not to Worry? (photo)

Had 475cc HP saline implants under the muscle in 2008. Found lumps in the left breast in 2010. Got a mamogram and ultrasound through my regular insurance company. The doctor said the lumps are "fybrocystic changes" but will not biopsy or test the lumps with any needle because they don't want to pop my implant. I'm so frustrated and nervous and wish they would just risk popping them and test the lumps. Can you give me some advice please?

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Found Lumps in my Breast

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If these are not suspicious, they don't need further investigation, If they are, the evaluation should proceed. I note by your sign in name that you seem to want these implants removed. If you proceed with that plan, open biopsies could be done at the same setting.

Thanks, best wishes. 

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