Lumps in Lips 17 Months After Juvaderm, Average Cost to Fix Them? (photo)

I had juvaderm injected into my lips 17 months ago and I still have lumps in them. The day the doctor injected them, they were uneven and lumpy. I was told to massage them and did as directed but the lumps never went away. I have read about lumps being treated with Hyaluronidase or steroids. What is the price for the treatment and does it dissolve your natural collagen and fat inside your lips too? I don't think that I should go back to the same docter that did this to me.

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Lip lumps after filler

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I absolutely agree with the previous responders that first on you list is verifying that Juvederm was indeed used for your treatment.  Although it is uncommon for a hyaluroinc acid filler, like Juvederm, to persist at 17 months, it is possible.  The two most acceptable methods for treating lumps due to unwanted hyaluronic acid filler are 1) hyaluronidase (approx $200), and 2) using a fine blade to make a small puncture or incision into the area and to manually express the residual material.  To answer parts 2 and 3 of your question, when used properly the hyaluronidase should not affect the surrounding tissue, and yes, I would return to your treating physician for re-evaluation.  Good luck.

Hollywood Dermatologic Surgeon

Hopefully you saw a reputable doctor

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when too much juvederm (hyaluronic acid) is deposited in one spot, it seems to last forever...long beyond what you anticipate for the tiny amount customarily injected at each site...when this happens there are a variety of remedies available...firm massage can help...grab the area and squeeze vigorously between two inside and the other outside of your mouth...and continue to hold for 30-60 seconds...and maybe several times a day over several days...or have the doctor try to drain the area by lancing it with a needle...and when all else fails, there's hyaluronidase...costs roughly $200 or so...and of course see a reputable doctor...and forget about the steroid injections unless a biopsy shows there's a different problem...for instance you saw someone other than a core provider where there's a chance the product wasn't really juvederm but a knock-off or even something worse...

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

Lumps after juvederm

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Firstly, I would find out for certain if this is Juvederm. If Juvederm, I would have someone try hyaluronidase although I would be amazed that still there. If no help, I would do tiny punch biopsy  as lips heal beautifully and would want to know what is going on. I would like to get rid of what is there first and not do a sloppy job trying to work around what needs to be gone-if at all possible. 

Hyaluronidase for lip lumps

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Price varies widely, but we would change 200 dollars. I agree that 17 months is a long time and I would go back to the office and ask for a copy of your records to be sure you did receive Juvederm. I do not recommend intralesional steroids unless the hyaluronidase does not work.  Prior to excision, which is only a last resort, I would recommend a small punch biopsy to obtain a diagnosis/clarification of what is going on. 

Jacqueline Calkin, MD
Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon

Lumps in Lips 17 Months After Juvaderm, Average Cost to Fix Them?

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 Juvederm and Restylane injected into the lips for Lip Augmentation should last 6-9 months and not still be there at 17 months.  You may have had a permanent filler instead or developed a granuloma in the area. 

Lumps after Juvederm

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Juvederrm is not supposed to last that long in the lips. Where you injected at a reputable place? Did you see the product yourself?;

Hyaluronidase should dissolve the product almost immediately, if a Hyaluronic acid was used.

If this is not product but a granuloma, or scar tissue, you may need surgical excision.

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