Why Do I Feel Lumps Under Both Areolas 3 Months Post-Op Saline Breast Aug?

I had a bilateral saline breast augmentation 12 weeks ago.Everything has gone well. About 2 weeks ago I noticed some lumps in the breast tissue behind the areola on both breasts. I assumed it was hormones/upcoming menstrual cycle. The cycle has since passed and now there is another lump around the left areola. I also have one further back on the lateral side of my right breast. They feel hard, are about the size of a pea (one is a bit larger), and they move when touched. Any ideas?

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Masses felt in both breasts fairly symmetrically

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If you are fairly thin and with minimal breast tissue, the odds are that what you are feeling are the valves of the saline implants (through which the saline is placed into the implant). I have seen this with some very thin patients of mine despite the fact that the saline implants were placed behind the muscle.

Just to confirm that this is what you are palpating, contact your plastic surgeon and have him/her inspect what you are feeling. The likelihood of this being anything else given you history is rare (breast cysts are also common) 

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Why Do I Feel Lumps Under Both Areolas 3 Months Post-Op Saline Breast Aug?

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Scar tissue tends to be thickest around 2 to 4 months after surgery, no matter what the operation.

Your surgeon had to create a 'tunnel' to place the implant in its pocket. This tunnel is now healing in with scar tissue which you feel as lumps. This scar tissue will eventually soften and flatten as part of normal wound healing. This process takes at least a year.

It is possible that small cysts have formed after the surgery, or that some suture material remains. These can be expected to disappear with time.

I cannot say with certainty that I have ever been able to feel a fill valve on a saline implant, especially if the implant has been placed under the muscle.

Keep in touch with your surgeon, and good luck!

Breast lumps three months after breast implants

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Without knowing how your procedure was done, periareolar etc., it is hard to say why lumps would be present under the areola or elsewhere within the breast. Breast lumps of any kind are a red flag, and you should have your surgeon take a careful look for the easy explanation such as resolving scar, implant edges, or valve. If the cause is not clear an ultrasound may be needed to know for sure.

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Small lumps under areola post op breast augmentation

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Could be several things.From scar tissue, fat necrosis, to possible infection. It's best to be examined by your PS to make sure nothing is awry. Best wishes, Dr. H

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Lumps under both areolas after augmentation

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Lumps can be due to feeling the saline implant fill valves IF your tissue is quite thin, or from feeling scar tissue from small blood collections and/or scar tissue just from the healing incisions IF your surgical incision was around the areola edge. They also can be enlarged lymph nodes, particularly the one at the lateral side of the breast, that can bea response to the surgery and the healing phase.  They should resolve on their own over time.

Lumps behind areolae of both breasts

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In agreement with other responders, these lumps may be the fill valves, suture(s), scar, milk ducts that have dilated to become cysts, a papilloma, a fixed ripple or wrinkle, or any one of a number of other possibilities.  Very lean patients with little breast tissue can feel the valve after swelling subsides.  See your surgeon for examination, and a better answer to your question.

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Lumps under both areolas after BA

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If your PS used a periareolar incision to place the breat implants,  you could be feeling scar tissue that has formed around the deeper sutures.  This will eventually go away once the sutures have dissolved but gently massaging the area can help in breaking up that scar tissue. I would recommend contacting your PS.

Kindest regards,

Neil J. Zemmel

Possibly the Fill Valves

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Saline implants come from the manufacturer filled with air. A tube is placed in the one way valve, the air removed and the implant placed in the pocket. It is then filled with saline. The valve is occasionally palpable, most often behind the areola. However, you need to see your surgeon to make sure that's the case. Good Luck!

Brian Klink, MD
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