How to Get Rid of Lumps from Evolence

I have lumps from Evolence treatment 1 week ago.  Will the lumps subside? Is there anything I can do to make them disappear faster? I am disappointed with my results. Any advice you can give me is appreciated.

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See a better injector

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All experienced injectors know that Evolence must be massaged immediately, or lumps will occur. They will not be dissolved from Vitrase or Wydase since it is collagen and not hyaluronic acid. An expert can camouflage the lumps with Restylane, BUT THEY NEED TO BE VERY GOOD TO DO THIS. Good luck

Wait for Evolence lumps to improve

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I would recommend that you wait and if lumps did not improve then you can have Wydase injected to the lumps and they will be dissolved in 24 hrs.

The solution is probably more

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With Evolence, you will feel the collagen for about a month. This is normal. If you see lumps, this is more of a concern. It is possible that you are experiencing some swelling though most of this should have subsided in a week. There is no way to remove what has been injected so the best treatment is addition of filler to even out the lumps. Be sure to seek out a physician who has experience with correcting these errors has it can even worsen the problem.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lumps from Evolence usually go away in a few hours to days.

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Smilegirl, Lumps from Evolence usually go away in a few hours to days. I would be interested to see a picture of your results and compare them with your before pictures. Is it possible they injected it to superficially? If the lumps are still there after two weeks, you should see your doctor.

After two weeks most local swelling is gone and the tissue have settled. You can massage the area to help smooth it out. However, if you are too aggressive or obsessive, you can make the area more swollen due to the continued trauma.

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