Can Lumps Caused by Fat Transfer Be Corrected After Two Years? (photo)

Hello, I had micro fat transfer performed two years ago to the area under the eyes to improve dark circles (no improvement) and to the laugh lines. I have a long lump underneath each eye and a lump on the right side of my face forming a wave on the right side. The PS said he could add more fat but I do not want to inject more fat in fear of him overfilling again and new lumps forming. Can these lumps and unevenness be corrected? Thank you!!!

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Lumps after fat transfer can be corrected

Lumps can result after fat transfer.  It can be improved by treating the area with micro-liposuction.  The same thin fat injecting tube (less than 1 mm thick) is used to take the fat out the same way it was put in.  It is done manually using a syringe not with a machine.  It works well.  The only problem is that you may have to go to sleep for this operation since doing it by numbing the area will result in swelling before the fat could be removed.  This makes it difficult to judge how much and from where to remove.  Since it's been 2 years from surgery, it's safe for you to have this procedure done anytime.

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Minimal visibility

Honestly, based on the photos, the irregularities you point out are very subtle and not very noticeable. Has your surgeon tried injections with steroids to try to soften/atrophy the lumpiness?

That may be an option. Another option: doing nothing. It really is not very noticeable.

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