Lumps on Outside of Breast Under Armpit Area?

I had my ba in 2003. They were inserted through my armpit. I’ve had these lumps for a couple of years in that area. I’ve just assumed that it is scar tissue that has formed since it is on both sides. The lumps get sore and tender a lot. If I sleep with my arms up it makes it worse. Is this normal? I am 41 years old. Do I have anything to worry about? I’ve had two mammograms since the surgery with no problems. I didn’t mention this problem the last time. The first time it was not an issue.

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Lumps under arm after breast augmentation

If the problem has been around since 2003, and your mammograms are fine you cannot have too much of an issue. The lumps may be related to the closure after transaxillary augmentation. The only way to know is to have someone see what is going on directly. The lumps are not normal, and hope is for a simple solution.

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Without an exam we cannot diagnose you. It would be in your best interest to see your primary doctor and tell him what you are feeling.


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